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Our latest news stories:

International Internships in the Balkans

International Internships in the Balkans We are looking for graduate students who could spare 2-3 months........
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DEADLINE NOW EXTENDED!!Recruiting now for Summer 2016!!

B3P are pleased to announce that we are actively looking for people to volunteer and to co ordinate on our ........
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This new planning map “National Park Albanian Alps” is one of several that acknowledges the existence o........
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What we do:

B3P has initiated annual Summer Programmes in Thethi, Albania since 2008, where the children have been given lessons in English and Environmental studies. In 2010 an international permaculture course also took place in Thethi.

In 2010 B3P participated with Environmentally Responsible Action (ERA) group and The Ideas Partnership (TIP) in a summer camp in the Rugova Valley, Kosovo/a and made plans for future workshops in the Plav area of Montenegro.

Every year, through these summer programmes, we bring many hundreds of new visitors to the region, and facilitated several significant academic projects in the region.

We have established regular exchange visits and programmes to and from the region with the Yorkshire Dales National Park (UK).

We have helped many walking, climbing, bike and horse treks through the mountains of the cross-border area, offering our knowledge and expertise in researching old and new routes. We have helped to open or re-open several roads, footpath, and hiking trail crossing-points between all three countries: Albania/ Montenegro, Montenegro/ Kosovo/a, and Albania/Kosovo/a, some closed for more than 90 years. More detailed information can be found in our documents section.

We have helped sponsor, fund, and organize international conferences (some with UNEP) at Shkodra, Podgorica, Prishtina and Plav (Montenegro).

A regional Coalition of NGOs (2006) organised the signing of a Letter of Good Intent to support the Peace Park by mayors or leaders of municipalities in and around the Peace Park area: Peja and Deçan (Kosovo/a), Plav and Rožaje (Montenegro), Shkodra and Bajram Curri (Albania).

B3P has been short listed for two major awards: from the British Guild of Travel Writers (November 2007) and the Alternative Rich List (September 2009).

You can find out more by downloading our "Progress so far" document in the document section of "Pictures & Info".